What we've accomplished in 2019 (note:  we've had very limited funding):

  • Trained, installed, and put to work our first official Board of Directors (June).

  • Reimbursed a teacher for expenses incurred in a class celebration for meeting their goals for achievement (spring).

  • Paid the travel expenses for a teacher to attend training to improve history and civics instruction using a Harvard case study model (August).

  • Our first fund-raising and "fun-raising" event:  Pumpkins & Pilsners (Oct. 12).  Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers, and community, we netted about $21,000!


What we've accomplished in 2018:

  • —A year of almost weekly meetings is bringing a dream into reality in this organization – we’re almost there!

  • —Learning about what makes a healthy nonprofit.  

  • —Taking the time needed to be thorough and have a structure in place that should allow for a healthy organization to carry out the work for which it is intended.

  • —Establishing the Mission, Vision, Pillars, Bylaws and many policies to elaborate on them, and more.   

  • —EPMS STEAM students helped to create the website.  They set up a basic framework and taught us how to work on our website.  

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