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EPEF funds grants to qualified individuals or groups whose proposal aligns with and advances the Mission and Vision of EPEF through its Pillars. 


  • Experiential Learning Opportunities

    • To give students knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

  • Innovations

    • To support new ideas and strategies for learning.

  • Building Community

    • To promote a culture of seamless unity between the schools and the rest of the community to optimize learning.

  • Support of District Teachers and Staff

    • By providing supplemental assistance as well as appreciation for the work that they do for our students.

  • Student Support

    • To assure that they have the resources needed to participate in school and in extra-curricular activities, youth sports, and outdoor recreation.

  • Wellness

    • As an integral part of learning and being successful in school and life, including physical activities, youth sports, and outdoor recreation.

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