Current Projects
  • Pumpkins & Pilsners 2021, Oct. 9, Bond Park.

  • Partnership with Estes Valley Library:  100 Free Books Mailed to Preschoolers.  Read about it: 

  • Online Scholarship Management Program for the high school.  

    • This program would provide a secure, simplified, efficient program for students, donors, and those managing the process, with online portals for each.  It would also provide continuity from year to year as well as during extreme situations (such as COVID 19 or wildfires).

    • EPEF has committed $2,000/year toward this program.  The program, however, costs more than our current financial capacity.

    • To the rescue - Mueller, Pye, and Associates CPA LLC has graciously provided a $2,000 matching grant per year for 5 years toward this program!               

    • This would allow EPEF to establish sustained financing for the program by having scholarship providers (other organizations and individuals are also welcome!) commit to an annual contribution toward the cost of the program.  

    • We so appreciate this and all who help to make it happen!

    • Be sure to mention Scholarship Management Program Matching Grant on your contribution! Thank you! 

    • For more information, contact Bev Bachman at  

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