Current Projects
  • Pumpkins & Pilsners 2021, Oct. 9, Bond Park.

  • Partnership with Estes Valley Library:  100 Free Books Mailed to Preschoolers.  Read about it: 

  • Online Scholarship Management Program for the high school.  

    • This program would provide a secure, streamlined, simplified program for students, donors, and those managing the process, with online portals for each.  It would also provide continuity from year to year.

    • EPEF has allotted funds for the Standard program annual fees to get things started this year.  The district must approve the program as per their policies.

    • The Advanced program, which is more expensive, would be a goal for future years.  It would simplify the process even more for stakeholders.  It also would require more capacity than EPEF currently has - especially in these COVID-19 times.

    • To the rescue - Mueller, Pye, and Associates CPA LLC has graciously provided a $2,000 matching grant per year for 5 years toward this program!  This would allow EPEF to establish the sustained financing for the program.  We so appreciate this and all who help to make it happen.

    • Be sure to mention Scholarship Management Program on your contribution!  Thank you! 

    • More info to come.