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Executive Committee

Executive Committee Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Acts on behalf of the Board in between regularly scheduled Board meetings in the ordinary course of business including employment of personnel, the general handling of the affairs of EPEF, the carrying out of the purposes of EPEF, and the performance of such other duties as may be imposed upon it or authorized by the Board.

  • Determines where undesignated funds and/or funds designated by donors to be used “where the need is most” are to be allocated among the various funds of EPEF based upon the recommendations of the Grant Committee.

  • Shall assume the responsibilities of any Standing Committee lacking enough members.

Governance Committee

Governance Committee Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Possess knowledge and expertise with the EPEF’s Mission, Vision, Guiding Principle, and Bylaws.

  • Ensures a high-performing Board and adherence to the EPEF’s Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, policies, and all laws.

  • Clarifies the expectations of the Board Directors, keeping the Board and Directors updated on their responsibilities.

  • Identifies potential Board Directors. 

  • Orients new Directors.

  • Every 2 years assesses the performance of the Board as a whole and the Directors individually.

  • Review the Bylaws every 3 years to determine if any changes need to be made and report their recommendations to the Board.

  • In addition to leading the committee, the chair serves as the chief contact person and facilitator of policies on conflict resolution, complaints (includes discrimination), whistleblower, and sexual harassment.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Be current in knowledge and use of best practices around nonprofit laws and financial organization. 

  • Charged with overseeing the EPEF’s financial affairs.

  • Adheres to and be well-versed with the Financial Management Policy.

  • In collaboration with the President and Executive Director and/or other designated Executive Committee member, shall be responsible to prepare an annual budget and regular financial statements for review and presentation to the Board.

  • Shall arrange for and receive for presentation to the Board any audit of the financial affairs of EPEF.

  • Ensure that a review or audit is performed at least every 5 years.

  • Set policy for investment performance of the EPEF’s endowment(s), select a professional firm to manage the EPEF’s assets, and review the performance of the investment manager on an annual basis, reporting to the Board.

  • Make financial statements of EPEF available as required by the Bylaws or by state or federal law.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Be familiar with the Fund Development Policy.

  • Responsible for developing, marketing, and coordinating fundraising activities of the EPEF, including the development and coordination of a set of services to support the volunteer needs for such fundraising. 

  • Establish a bank of qualified volunteers for committees, fundraising, etc., including utilizing existing community volunteer services (e.g. those of the EPNRC).

  • Monitor the quality of volunteers’ work.

  • Be open to coordinating with other nonprofits for 1/17/19 3 fundraising.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of fundraising activities.

  • Facilitate the hiring and monitoring of any professional fundraiser contracted by EPEF.

Grant Allocation

Grant Allocation Committee Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Oversees the disbursement of grant funds to support the Estes Park School District (EPSD) as well as other Board approved projects, as per the EPEF’s Mission, Vision, and Pillars.

  • In collaboration with the Marketing and Communication Committee, make available grants known to the targeted audiences.

  • Reviews grant/funding requests and initiate funding allocations and making funding recommendations to the full Board of Directors.

  • Review the grant applications and evaluations on at least an annual basis.

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication Committee Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Develops and implements EPEF’s marketing and communication strategy as per Board Policy internal to EPSD and external to the community of greater Estes Park.

  • In collaboration with the Grant Allocation Committee, make available grants known to the targeted audiences.

  • Manages the website and other media communication.

  • Manage information technology for EPEF.

  • Assure that any information released is accurate and timely.

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