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Privacy Policy

What It Is:


  • The purpose of the Estes Park Education Foundation Donors Privacy Policy is to provide a process to protect the privacy of our donors, directors, and staff.


Why It’s Important:


  • A certain amount of information is needed from our donors, directors, and staff for the EPEF to accomplish its mission and vision.  

  • To ensure the trust of our donors, their privacy must be respected and protected.


What It Entails:


  • The types of confidential information that the EPEF collects and maintains are as follows:

    • Contact information: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, Estes Park High School alumni class year (if applicable), and other pertinent information.

    • Contribution information of donors and directors.

    • Information on EPEF events attended, publications received, and special requests for program information.

    • Information provided by the constituent in the form of comments or suggestions.

  • The EPEF uses the above information from our constituency to understand their interest in our mission and vision and to update them on the EPEF's activities.

  • Confidential Information shall be used solely for the purpose of performing services for the EPEF or as required by law. 

  • This information is shared with board members, employees, volunteers, and consultants only on a "needs-to-know" basis, and may not disclosed, divulged, or made accessible to other persons or entities without permission from the donor.  

  • Donors may be listed in publications such as the EPEF's annual report. 

  • The EPEF assures our constituency that their names and addresses will not be sold, rented, or leased to any third party with the following exception: Alumni contact information may be shared with publishers or contractors whose primary business is the development of alumni directories.

  • All requests for anonymity will be honored.

  • All requests for removal from contact lists will be honored.

  • Donors will be afforded, at least annually, a check-off box to indicate if they want to be removed from the contact list.


Approved:  9-5-18
Amended:  11-14-19

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