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Director and Committee Opportunities Include:  

Board of Directors (Executive Committee) 

  • President

  • Vice President 

  • Secretary 

  • Treasurer

  • Executive Director

Standing Committees:

  • Governance

  • Financial Management

  • Fundraising

  • Grant Allocation

  • Communications/Marketing

Volunteer as a Director or on an EPEF Committee

The success of EPEF accomplishing its Mission and Vision depends on our community members volunteering their time and efforts, and when appropriate and able, their financial support.  


Being a Director is one way to do this, but so is volunteering on a standing committee, as well as committees for specific fundraising events.  

Expectations for all committee members are: 

  • Be familiar and base all decisions on the Mission, Vision, and Pillars of EPEF.

  • Follow the Guiding Principles of EPEF.

  • Sign Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms annually.

  • Recognize the interrelationships of all committees to accomplish the EPEF’s Mission and Vision.

  • Honor the policy that the President is the official spokesperson for EPEF.

  • Designate a recording secretary for every meeting to take notes and forward documentation to the Secretary of the Board.

  • Be subject to the control, advice, and consent of the Board.

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