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EPEF Board of Directors 

7-15 Directors guide the Board's efforts to accomplish EPEF's Mission and Vision.    

EPEF is seeking a diverse group of knowledgeable, skilled, enthusiastic people who live in the Estes Park School District boundaries and are ready and willing to abide with and ensure the development and success of the EPEF.   

All officers of the board must be a director and are elected by the board. Officers must serve a 2-year term, which is renewable by action of the Board.  They must also serve on the Executive Committee, and are subject to the control, advice, and consent of the Board.


  • ≥21 years of age

  • Resident of Estes Park School District. (EPSD)  

  • Liaison Director appointed by EPSD as a link between EPSD and EPEF 

  • Committed to representing the diverse population of our community

Individual Expectations: 

  • Committed to and base all decisions and actions toward achieving the Mission and Vision of EPEF

  • Be familiar with and follow the Bylaws, Guiding Principles, and policies of EPEF 

  • Be fiscally responsible

  • Be active in supporting EPEF with their time, energy, and monetary donations

  • Be prepared for and to attend monthly meetings

  • Be on at least one Standing Committee

  • No self-dealing

  • Sign Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms annually

  • Maintain confidentiality as required

  • Be an ambassador for the EPEF but defer to the President as the official spokesperson 

  • Terms are 3 years 

  • Ordinarily, may serve 2 or more terms but no more than 6 consecutive years after which there must be a hiatus of at least 1 year

Board of Director Responsibilities: 

  • Managing EPEF, subject to federal, state, local laws, and Bylaws.

  • Establish policies and broad goals in support of the overall Mission and Vision of EPEF.

  • Development of grant, program, fiscal, and fundraising guidelines around the Pillars of EPEF.

  • Annually adopt a strategic plan for attaining the goals and evaluating progress.

  • Actively participate in fundraising (including obtaining grants) to ensure that there are adequate resources (money, people, equipment, etc.) to accomplish the agreed upon policies and goals.

  • Providing fiscal oversight to make sure resources are used responsibly.

  • The Board serves a public interest in its oversight of the EPEF’s delivery of services and management of finances.

  • Confidentiality will be maintained as per the law, Bylaws, and policies.

  • Regularly self-assess the Board and EPEF’s work as well as that of individual Directors.

  • Filling Board vacancies as per the Bylaws.

  • Sign the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms annually.


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